Onix Price's


So how do we offer such value when we use the very best materials available that are also used by many of our competitors but at a much higher cost.


For instance we use Toray T1000 carbon which is industry acknowledged as the finest grade of carbon available and then we improve the coating of the resin by using our high pressure method for our Onix HP Carbon!


Unlike many of our competitors we dont supply to the trade. We sell our products through our own online shop which means there is just our profit margin to factor into the retail prices. If we supplied to the trade like most brands we would have to factor in our margin and an extra margin for the retailer which drives the retail price up for the customer.


Onix also decided to stay as an online retailer which keeps our costs down as we dont have any extra overheads of running a retail shop where we would have rent and staff to add to our costs!


We also market our products by supplying bikes for testing and having reviews done in the cycling media. We think this has a far bigger impact than spending tens of thousands of pounds on adverts. Again this means that we dont have to recoup those advertising costs in our retail prices.


All of these factors mean we can offer you the customer unbelieveable value on our very high spec products!