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"I've always loved testing, developing and engineering. It's part of who I am. I'm excited about the opportunity to help develop and test for such a forward looking British company. Putting your name to a bike is a big undertaking. Riding any new bike is always fun but when I tested the 2012 Onix range I was genuinely amazed at how good it was."
Rob Hayles (Former World Champion)




The RH is the entry level bike of the Onix Black range and has design features that are focused on performance/sportive riding.

"The Onix Black RH is so good I would have had no problem competing on it" Rob Hayles

Old price: £109.99
The UL1 features a seat clamp constructed from raw carbon which keeps the weight down to a very light 192g.

"This is a stunning machine that meets all the criteria I look for in a bike to perform to my best" Rob Hayles

To make a frameset perform, you need to meet a few basic and specific criteria; stiffness, lightness, compliance and longevity and so for our 2012 range we looked at all available new designs in frame manufacture to see how they performed on the open road
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Who are Onix Bikes?

Onix bikes are based in the Ribble Valley in the N.W. of England and specialise in the sale of high quality carbon road bikes.

As well as Rob Hayles we have other well known Onix riders that include Eurosport Commentator David Harmon, WRC M Sport world rally driver Matthew Wilson and former Professional footballer Geoff Thomas. Onix will supply bikes to the Mountivation Cycling Development Academy in the 2012 racing season.

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